Better way to do Muller Yogurt?

I love Muller Light Yogurt. I haven’t had one for a while but when I was on the slimming world diet I practically lived off them. Fat free, Syns free and you can eat as many as you want on plan and still loose weight. Myself I have tested this to the limit as some days I would eat more than 6. Yes six!

My idea about Muller light yogurt is simple. The problem starts when you finish work and I’m really hungry. I never fancied fruit because of the effect it had on my stomach and fruit never looked appealing after a day in the bottom of my bag. What I wanted when I finished work was a Muller Light Yogurt.

Muller Light Pouch Yogurt

Muller Light Pouch Yogurt

So my thought was why can’t they develop Muller Light Yogurts into a pouch. Like children’s yogurts for packed lunch, why can’t they do that for us adults? I’m sure it would be a simple process to do and increase their volume of sales to the market of on the go mums on a diet – I bet there are lots of us.

So my request and plea is simple. Please Muller Light Yogurt peeps will you manufacture your yogurt in a better way and provide pouches for us mere mortals who want to eat and drive. A pouch of yogurt, for adults, would be so much better than having to use a plastic spoon or using ones finger to carefully eat the contents.

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